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North American Steel has been manufacturing steel storage pallet racking and steel shelving equipment in Canada for over 60 years and through continuous expansion is now operating 4 manufacturing plants in Canada for the convenience of our customers. With offices throughout Canada - in Toronto, Whitby, Vancouver, Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan and Eastern Canada - we are the largest and most innovative producer of heavy duty warehouse systems and industrial shelving in the country.


With such renowned brands as Easyup shelving, TripleA racking, American Teardrop racking, longspan shelving, and a variety of warehouse systems we are Canada’s premier leader in manufacturing and supply of pallet racking systems, industrial and high rise shelving, and mezzanine / catwalk systems.  Our Engineering and Design teams are top notch and experienced in maximizing your warehouse space to utilize all areas available for storage and distribution of your products.  Our customers include 3PL logistics providers, cross docking facilities, food storage and distribution companies, manufacturing facilities and more.

North American Steel was incorporated in 1952 under Federal Charter* as a subsidiary of Steel Equipment of England, who had been manufacturing steel storage warehouse equipment since 1898. With over 100 years of experience, our now independent Canadian company has expanded consistently under the guidance of design engineers committed to our mission: On time delivery, the best value and the best products.

Take a look today and see why our longspan shelving and warehouse racking systems are #1 in the industry!


1973       Whitby ON               80,000             Acquisition by current owners

1981       Whitby ON                                       Addition of EasyUp Long Span Shelving

1996       Edmonton AB           50,000            Acquisition of new racking & shelving manufacturing facility

2000       Colborne ON           130,000            Acquision of manufacturing plant for highrise & structural racking

2002       Whitby ON                                       Expansion & acquisition of Triple-A dies & manufacturing

2003       Edmonton AB          15,000              Complete line, including welded frame Wide Span and Longspan shelving

2004       Whitby ON                                       Increased powder coating paintline facilities

2005       Colborne ON                                    Manufacture the only fully seam-welded step beam in Canada

2007       Whitby ON                5,000              Building expansion of Engineering department

2007       Colborne ON                                    Added extra HD 4” pallet racking upright

2008       Whitby ON                                       Manufacturing compression clip boltless shelving

Total Sq. Ft.          280,000